This coming Monday, January 21st, at 6:00 PM Mountain Time, 8:00 PM Eastern Time, Matt will chat with Julie Dibens on Facebook live from the BASE Performance Facebook page. Tune in for 30 minutes or so and enjoy some great history and amazing stories.

If you don't know who Julie is, let me give you a little history.

  • Rockstar athlete who grew up in the UK
  • Amazing swimmer who crushed it at LSU in the 200 free (1:49) and 200 Back (1:59)
  • Competed for Great Britain at the 2000 and 2004 Summer Olympics for Triathlon
  • XTERRA 3X World Champion - 2007, 2008 and 2009
  • Ironman 70.3 World Champion - 2009
  • First Female to go under 4 hours in the 70.3 (Matt's opinion still the most amazing 70.3 by a female of all time)
  • Ironman World Championships 2010 - 3rd Place
  • Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Championships - 2nd Place 2018

Julie has now taken her nearly 30 years of athletic achievements and leads the world in her coaching prowess.  A few of the notable athletes she currently coaches are:

  • Matt Hanson - 7:39.25 at 2018 IM Texas with a 2:34.40 closing Marathon (Fastest of all time in a WTC Sanctioned race)
  • Tim Don - 7:40.23 at 2017 IM Brazil (Fastest of all time in a WTC Sanctioned race until Matt Hanson went faster)
  • Tim O'Donnell - 8:03.17 in 2018 Kona - 5th fastest performance of all time on the Island
  • Dede Griesbauer - 48 Years Young Professional Ironman Athlete still getting on the podium

Julie and I first met in a bar called the Rusty Pelican after the 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater in 2009. Tonight, I'll recount that story and see if she remembers it like I do. 

Over the past 10 years of watching my friend race, one race in particular stands out in my memory as something I am in awe of, which caused me to really look up to Julie years ago.  

In 2010, Ironman enacted an 8% rule. This rule meant that in order for a professional athlete to receive prize money, they must finish within 8% of the first place finishers time. Julie was so dominant at the 70.3 distance, that all of the girls behind her must finish within approximately 20 minutes or less of her time. In order for these up and coming young pros to earn some money, Julie would race, then wait at the finish line until 2nd place got close, and then slowly walk across the finish line in order to give the girls an opportunity to earn some prize money.

Today, you can find Julie coaching on the pool deck at Rally Sport, riding with her athletes, Spending time up in the mountains, or hanging out with her husband Mike.

In our Monday's with Matt Facebook live chat, we will discuss all of these things above, and a few more. We hope you will be able to enjoy and watch.